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Anatomy Foot Bones

There are 26 bones that make up the complicated structure of the foot. In the following images and illustrations, the bones of the foot are labeled and the pronunciation of each bone is included. The bones are labeled in a top view (dorsal view) and a side view. If you scroll down you'll find each bone in the foot highlighted in an image and labeled individually.


 Foot anatomy, bones labeled

A. phalanges (fuh - LAN - gees)

B. lesser metatarsals (meh - tuh - TAR - suls)

C. 1st metatarsal (meh - tuh - TAR - sul)

D. cuneiforms (kyoo - NEE - uh - forms)

E: cuboid (KYOO - boid)

F. navicular (nuh - VIK - yuh - lur)

G. talus (tey - luhs)

H. calcaneus (kal - KEH - nee - us)



Bones in the Foot: Side View Anatomy

This is a view of the foot looking at the foot from the side. The foot bones are labeled with pronunciation given. Note that there are two accessory bones labeled that do not occur in all feet, they are the os peroneum, that can occur on the outside of the cuboid and the os vesalianum which occurs at the base of the 5th metatarsal.

Foot anatomy, bones labeled lateral view

A. fibula (fib - U - luh)

B. tibia (tib - EE - uh)

C. talus (tey - luhs)

D. navicular (nuh - VIK - yuh - lur)

E. cuneiforms (kyoo - NEE - uh - forms)

F. calcaneus (kal - KEH - nee - us)

G. cuboid (KYOO - boid)

H. os peroneum (oz  per - UH - nee - um)

I. os vesalianum (oz  veh - sah - lee - ah - nem)

J. styloid process (sty - loid)

K. 5th metatarsal (meh - tuh - TAR - sul)

L. 5th metatarsal phalangeal joint (meh - tuh - TAR - sul  fal - ahn - ge - al)

M. phalanges (fuh - LAN - gees)



Individual Foot Bones: Side View Anatomy

Looking at the foot from the side, each image highlights the individual bones, the phalanges, the metatarsal, cuneiform, cuboid, navicular, talus and calcaneus.


Distal phalanx of the foot distal phalanx
Proximal phalanx small bone in the foot proximal phalanx
First metatarsal long bone in the foot 1st metatarsal
Cuboid tarsal bone in the foot cuboid
Cuneiform tarsal bone in the foot cuneiform
Navicular tarsal bone of the foot navicular
Talus tarsal bone of the foot talus
anatomy-calcaneus-heel-bone.jpg calcaneus




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