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Anatomy Nerves in the Foot

Neurovascular Structures in the Foot

 "Neuro" refers to nerve and "vascular" refers to the veins and arteries, hence

the term neurovascular. In the foot diagram on the right the nerves are represented by the yellow structures, the arteries are represented by the red structures and the veins are represented by the blue structures. Nerves carry sensory and movement information to and from the brain. Arteries carry blood with oxygen and nutrients from the heart to the feet. Veins carry blood without oxygen or nutrients and with CO2 and byproducts from the feet back to the heart.

Nerve impingement

Foot anatomy image with the nerves labeledThe foot diagram to the left shows the sensory nerves in the foot. The main nerves which control movement in the foot, branch much higher in the leg. The three nerves shown here are:

    •    superficial peroneal nerve

    •    dorsal intermediate cutaneous nerve

    •    dorsal medial cutaneous nerve

The superficial peroneal nerve branches off the common peroneal nerve which wraps around the knee. The common peroneal nerve is a branch off the sciatic nerve.

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